Science and Disability Reading Group

In the Science and Technology department at UCL, we’re fortunate to have some amazing reading groups run by our amazing PhD students…but, as of now, we have no discussion of disability, science and STS.

So here I am, trying to do something about it.

Every three weeks, starting from 25 October at 1pm, I’ll be running a reading group about science, STS and disability at UCL. Reading groups are a bit like academic book clubs: I choose a paper (with or without some input from people), a bunch of questions get asked, some discussion happen about what works and doesn’t work in the paper, and hopefully we all have a good time. Summaries of the discussions will be posted on this site too.

Everyone is welcome to come – student, staff member, someone who heard about this group and wanted to come along – heck, I’ll even Skype you in if you can’t be there physically! I’m not infallible and I’m definitely still learning, so if you have any ideas, comments or questions ping me.

25 October 2019
Reading Views from Above by Mel Baggs
Summary: Views from above and epistemic injustice

15 November 2019

6 December 2019
Reading Ableism Isn’t Nonviolent – You’re Killing Us by Imani Barbarin