From April to September 2018 I was the news editor for Popular Astronomy magazine, the magazine for members of the Society for Popular Astronomy. In October 2018 I took over as editor.

News, July-August 2018:
A dance of two supermassive black holes – Osnat Katz
EWASS/NAM round-up – Osnat Katz
The Dark Energy Survey shows off its first results
CHEOPS gets an outing
Small asteroid discovered hours before impact – Paul Sutherland
Gaia and the second data release: the galaxy like never you’ve never seen it before – Amber Hornsby
New telescope sheds more light on radio transients – Megan Argo

News, September-October 2018:
Rare neutrinos seen coming from a black hole – Osnat Katz
A rare breed of black hole has been observed – Rebecca Brown
Distant galaxy’s ring of light proves Einstein right – Osnat Katz
X-rays from red nuggets bring the past closer – Sarah Jaffa
Future of Opportunity hangs in the balance as it weathers gigantic Martian dust storm – Thom Shutt

News, November-December 2018: co-edited with Amber Hornsby
Star-sized brown dwarfs leave scientists stumped – Osnat Katz
Opportunity: could this be the end? – Osnat Katz
New Horizons gets first glimpse of Ultima Thule – Alex Dunne
Catching up with a runaway giant – Alice Booth
A new Saturnian hexagon high above the clouds – Melanie Davies

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