Science Museum Group:
Beyond Deep Blue“, 11/5/2023

The Conversation:
Landing on Mars: the historical missions that failed and the ones that made it“, 20/5/2021
Supermoon: how an illusion makes the full Moon appear bigger than it really is“, 26/4/2021
Day and night aren’t equal length on an equinox – here’s why“, 18/03/2021
How to spot Mars: See the red planet in the sky the day Nasa’s Perseverance rover lands“, 16/02/2021

Centre for Outer Space Studies:
Looking up, looking back, looking out, looking in“, 21/10/2020

STS Alchemy:
History under Lockdown“, summer 2020

Skymania News:
Review of On Gravity: A Brief Tour of a Weighty Subject, 30/04/2018
Astronomers struggle to explain mysterious short-lived explosions“, 4/03/2018
Tidal forces kicked stars out of our Milky Way Galaxy“, 27/02/2018
Science team creates a cosmic cradle to see how stars are born“, 5/02/2018
Supermassive black holes control how new stars are born“, 1/01/2018
Comet-like planet has an extraordinary orbit too“, 18/12/2017
Researchers find most distant known black hole in the early Universe“, 5/12/2017
Weird supernova breaks all the rules with multiple blasts“, 9/11/2017
Rosetta’s comet is giving up secrets older than the Solar System“, 30/10/2017
Radio telescopes combine to map far side of our Milky Way Galaxy“, 12/10/2017
Review of The Little Book of Black Holes, 08/10/2017
Scientists find a surprise final image from comet-chaser Rosetta“, 30/09/2017
Did first black holes form right after the Big Bang?“, 14/09/2017
Gaia spacecraft catches superluminous supernova early in boost for astronomers“, 31/07/2017
Giant Arecibo radio dish joins search for rocky planets around nearby stars“, 23/07/2017

Women of STEM:
My profile on Sarah Dunifon‘s Women of STEM web series: Osnat Katz, Master of Physics Student at the University of Manchester

Popular Astronomy:
PDFs are available on request.

“Q&A with Ewine van Dishoeck”, November-December 2019
“Exoplanet survey sheds new light on failed stars”, September-October 2019
Review of The Cosmic Mystery Tour, May-June 2019
“Shining light on dark energy”, November-December 2018
“Star-sized brown dwarfs leave scientists stumped”, November-December 2018
“Opportunity: could this be the end?”, November-December 2018
“Rare neutrinos seen coming from a black hole”, September-October 2018
“Distant galaxy’s ring of light proves Einstein right”, September-October 2018
“A dance of two supermassive black holes”, July-August 2018
“Unravelling the Sun’s mysteries”, July-August 2018
“Radio-loud quasars traced back to spinning black holes”, March-April 2018
“Magnificent mergers: the reshaping of galaxies”, November-December 2017
Review of 4th Rock from the Sun: The Story of Mars, November-December 2017
“Galactic dark matter less influential in early Universe”, July-August 2017
“Hubble helps map a path for the Voyager spacecraft”, March-April 2017
Review of Searching for the Oldest Stars: Ancient Relics from the Early Universe, January-February 2017
“Dark matter ‘hairs’ could surround Earth”, March-April 2016
“Empty ring galaxy formed from two galactic tails”, November-December 2015

Starting from March 2020, I will also be writing the Young Stargazers section for Popular Astronomy. These spreads are aimed at 7-14 year olds and contain a mix of special press releases, fun activities and career guides.