I am a very big fan of the work CoderDojo does – they run free code clubs all over the world. I used to volunteer at the Manchester CoderDojo with Robogals Manchester and would very much like to get back to doing this.

I also took part in CoderDojo’s first ever content hackathon translating material and would like to keep contributing in future hackathons.

Student work
From 2015 to 2018 I volunteered with UoM Physics Outreach doing science busking, which is standing around in public explaining physics with the aid of cool toys.

From 2015 to 2016 I was the Marketing Manager for Robogals Manchester, an organisation which teaches young people to code and has a particular focus on getting girls enthused about STEM. Robogals itself has chapters worldwide, so if you’re a university student and interested in STEM or science communication I would strongly encourage you to volunteer.

As part of this, for Ada Lovelace Day 2015 I was interviewed for the CS@Manchester podcast about our work.

I occasionally speak about being a woman in physics and did this for the Science and Engineering Hub at the University of Manchester: You don’t have to be Wonder Woman to be a Woman of Wonder

I still stand around in public explaining cool science things. During my MSc, I trained as a science busker and helped out with history of science displays, so I programmed computers older than I am!