Sound of Astronomy: Episode 2

It’s out. You can listen to it. And there is even better to come!

Episode 1 had just released and there was already more work to do. We had some material left over and the beginnings of a script, but here I was with final exams looming, no immediate interviews coming up and a deadline…

…In the end, the friendly people from the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition were really helpful and quite eager to talk into a phone! Of course Robin Scagell was invaluable as well, since he’s stitched the whole thing together and told happy listeners how to view Friday’s lunar eclipse. Hopefully there will be clear skies over London that night.

We also have our first reviews! Feedback from friends and friends of friends was mostly positive. But now we have our first reviews from further afield and…

…well, ouch. People aren’t pleased with the music. Or the audio quality. Time to move beyond a phone and look at getting a decent-quality microphone I can carry around with me.

But Episode 3 will be better! We are already planning it and have material on the stocks.

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